New Member Application 2023-2024


Thank you for applying to be a member of DUPB for the 2023-2024 school year! DUPB is responsible for providing a range of high-quality events and programs for all undergraduate students. Our goal is to promote involvement and unity within the DU community with a focus on inclusivity. This is simply a way to understand who you are as a student, and to sort you into the best committee.

DUPB meetings are held weekly on Wednesday nights from 7-9PM (but we try to get everything done in an hour) in the Community Commons. This application will close on Saturday, September 16th but we encourage you to complete this form as soon as possible. Please reach out via email to dupbpresident@du.edu if you have any questions!

Membership Eligibility:
- All full-time undergraduate students at the University of Denver are eligible for membership.
- Membership in DUPB will be open to members of all the qualified undergraduate student body without regard to sex, race, creed, national origin, color, religious convictions, age, sexual orientation, association, or ability.
- Members must attend at least 80% of DUPB scheduled meetings.
- Members must follow the UniversityÔÇÖs Honor code and Student conduct policy.