The Driscoll Commons

The Driscoll Commons houses additional campus resources and administrative offices. Additional campus resources are The Campus Bookstore, US Bank, ID Office, and the Muslim Prayer Room.

Administrative Offices - Suite 30:

Student Affairs and Inclusive Excellence (SAIE):

- Budget and Operations Offices 
- IT Liaison 

Student Affairs & Inclusive Excellence (SAIE) is the central student life division of the University. We are committed to providing students with the support and skills needed to become empowered citizens who positively impact the communities they are a part of, now and in the future.
We do so by challenging students to:
• Reflect on their values and identities;
• Recognize their strengths and acknowledge areas for further growth;
• Understand the importance of needing support and seeking it;
• Cultivate their passions; and
• Foster the public good.


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