The 4-Dimensional Experience


At DU, students receive a valuable degree and so much more. With learning across four dimensions, the DU 4D Experience improves the lives of our students—and the communities they will one day serve.

The wonder of intellectual growth and curiosity.

The confidence to pursue purpose-driven lives and careers.

The joy of well-being for ourselves, others, and our planet.

The strength of character built upon individual values.

This is what the DU 4D Experience promises. And, along the way, a constellation of mentors and advisors—professors, peers, professionals, coaches, alumni—helps students navigate and reflect on their learning, activities, internships, study abroad experiences, and more. At our campus in Denver, and at our inspiring Kennedy Mountain Campus in the Colorado Rockies, every DU student explores who they want to be, what drives them, and where they want to go. And through action, they build the passion and confidence to move from simply calling for change to making it.

4 Dimensions

Advancing Intellectual Growth, Promoting Well-Being, Exploring Character, Pursuing Careers and Lives of Purpose