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We help DU students reach their career and continuing education goals through the completion of the Career Achievement Milestones. Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, the Career Achievement Milestones are your guideposts to professional success during your time at DU. Taking the time to work on your professional goals throughout your academic career, rather than waiting until graduation, will ensure that you are well prepared for achieving your post-graduation goals.

Research shows that students that engage with career development during their time in college have better jobs and salaries at graduation than their less engaged peers. Securing internships and relevant experiences also makes a big impact on graduation outcomes! Start early to be ready to achieve your post-graduation goals. Undergraduate students are expected to complete a minimum of one milestone during each year of your student experience. For graduate students, we suggested you pace these milestones evenly throughout your chosen degree program.

  • MILESTONE 1: MAP YOUR PATH Identify skills, strengths and interests to complete a resume or CV.
  • MILESTONE 2: BUILD  CONNECTIONS Develop your OneDU community to guide professional success.
  • MILESTONE 3: GAIN EXPERIENCES Fulfill professional experiences that align with your career goals.
  • MILESTONE 4: LAUNCH YOUR FUTURE Master your DU story to ace any interview and prepare for success as a new or continuing professional.









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