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We are an engineering team at DU who strive to teach students engineering concepts outside of the classroom through hands-on manufacturing and testing of small-scale jet engines.

Members Benefits

Through participation in the DUJET club, members will learn quick prototyping skills such as CAD and machining, as well thermodynamic principles all in an out of classroom context. This knowledge will be given through meetings as well as through a shared Google Drive folder.


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Jan 19, 2023 - Max Westerman

Week 3 Updates

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Dec 20, 2022 - Max Westerman

DUJET is official!

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DU1 - Our First Engine

We continue to develop our first engine, hallmarked by a full 3D printed front section and a fully electrically powered compressor.

Emphasize Learning

Our project goes over all areas of engineering - thermodynamics, circuitry, oscillation, structural integrity, and more.

Student Run

DUJET is funded by the University of Denver and all of our projects are created and run by students

Our Team

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Max Westerman

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Duncan Wood

Vice President
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Zach Headley

Director of Operations
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Savannah Prouty

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Dan Carey

Authorized Spender
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Jason Roney



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