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As feminist activists at The University of Denver, the Feminist Student Alliance seeks to empower undergraduate students through discussion, awareness, and action. We first and foremost believe in intersectional feminism. We recognize the racist, classist, and heterosexist roots of feminism and vow to do better. To create a space where all womxn’s realities can be spoken. We define feminism in alignment with bell hooks as the belief that “every [person] can stand in political opposition to sexist, racist, heterosexist, and classist oppression” (hooks, Feminist Theory: from margin to center). We will work to make the university a more inclusive place through the creation of safe spaces, activism, and education regarding sex and gender-based issues. We will advocate for higher quality safety measures for female students on campus, the availability of free feminine hygiene products in every female or gender-neutral restroom on campus and at the HCC, and more female-centered historical narratives in the DU curriculum. We will work with other organizations to educate students on female-centered issues such as sexual and reproductive health, gender violence, and gender stereotypes. During club activities, we will discuss feminist theory, read feminist texts, and analyze films through a feminist lens. We will educate club members on the roles of women in history. The Feminist Student Alliance aims to do these things and more are we strive to maintain an active presence on campus.









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