From: Pulse Newsletter
Date: February 8
Subject: The Pulse | Winter 2023 | Week 6

The Pulse: Weekly News & Happenings at DU
Drive for 25 - Birdcall Restaurant Fundraiser for Model UN

DU Model United Nations Fundraiser at Birdcall

Tuesday, Feb. 14 (11:00am-10:00pm) | Birdcall Restaurant - 1535 E Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80210
Dine with Birdcall on Valentine's Day and they will donate 25% back to DU Model United Nations Team!
You must enter promo code (mun0214) before you finalize your order for the donations to go back to us.

See you there! #Fundraiser #Birdcall #DriveFor25


In Case You Missed It


Don't forget to register for On Mountain Tickets:
Start End   Event        
    DUPB Presents: Winter Carnival Registration
Wednesday, February 8
5:00pm 8:00pm DUPB Presents: Winter Thrift With a Sweet Twist
Thursday, February 9
5:00pm 8:00pm DUPB Presents: Beans and Laser Beams
Friday, February 10
8:00am 10:00am DUPB Presents: Winter Carnival x Beans
Saturday, February 11
2:00pm 4:00pm DUPB Presents: Bob Ross like a Boss
Event Highlights This Week
Watch the Big Game

Watch the Big Game!!

Sunday, February 12th | Community Commons 1700 | Doors open at 4pm | Kickoff at 4:30pm

Come enjoy game day snacks including ice cream sundaes at halftime!  

TODAY: Wednesday, February 8
Start End   Event         Location
11:00am 12:00pm First Step Session Community Commons 2600
3:00pm 5:00pm Weekly JBK Study Session STURM 187
4:00pm 5:00pm Sewing Workshop Private Location (sign in to display)
5:00pm 6:30pm Sharing Immigrant Experiences: How Have Immigration Journeys Shaped Our DU Community? SIE 1020
5:00pm 8:00pm DUPB Presents: Winter Thrift With a Sweet Twist Private Location (sign in to display)
7:00pm 9:00pm Celebrate Ace and Aro Private Location (sign in to display)
TOMORROW: Thursday, February 9
11:00am 12:00pm First Step Session Community Commons 2600
4:00pm 5:00pm Coaching Your Peers: Asking Powerful Questions (Student Employees Achieve Series) Online Event
4:00pm 5:00pm JBK会話イベント AAC 340
4:00pm 6:00pm Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 101 Private Location (register to display)
5:00pm 5:50pm (Pre-Health Society) Preparing For Health/Med-School Applications Meeting with Dr. Nancy Lorenzon Private Location (sign in to display)
5:00pm 8:00pm DUPB Presents: Beans and Laser Beams Grand Forum CCOM 1600, 1700, and 1800
5:00pm 6:00pm 3D Printing and Laser Engraving Workshop Private Location (sign in to display)
5:30pm 7:00pm Golden Valentines Private Location (sign in to display)
6:30pm 8:00pm Weekly Meeting Private Location (sign in to display)
6:30pm 9:30pm Love is Love Private Location (sign in to display)
7:00pm 10:00pm Arts & Crafts Night Private Location (sign in to display)
7:30pm 9:30pm The Philip Glass Ensemble Newman Center for the Performing Arts
Friday, February 10
8:00am 10:00am DUPB Presents: Winter Carnival x Beans Private Location (sign in to display)
11:00am 4:00pm Theta Nu Xi - Valentine's Fundraiser Private Location (sign in to display)
2:00pm 5:00pm Smash Weeklies @ DU #1 ECS Room 358
3:00pm 4:30pm Quetzals Around the Globe Private Location (sign in to display)
7:00pm 10:00pm Board Game Club Weekly Meeting Private Location (sign in to display)
Saturday, February 11
1:00pm 5:00pm DUDAD One Shot Day Community Commons Room 3700
2:00pm 4:00pm DUPB Presents: Bob Ross like a Boss Private Location (sign in to display)
2:00pm 3:00pm Wood Shop Safety Orientation Private Location (sign in to display)
9:00pm 11:00pm DJ Rockstar Aaron’s Ultimate Party presents Beyonce-Rihanna Night Lost Lake Lounge
Sunday, February 12
12:00pm 1:00pm Sunday Catholic Mass Evans Chapel
Monday, February 13
9:00am 5:00pm Buy A Rose From A Chi O Private Location (sign in to display)
12:00pm 1:30pm Destigmatizing STIs: A Sexual Health Workshop Private Location (sign in to display)
5:00pm 6:30pm Gilman Scholarship: Essay Writing Workshop Anderson Academic Commons 284
6:00pm 8:30pm DUPB Presents: Bestie Party Community Commons Grand Forum
7:00pm 8:00pm Quackmire Weekly Meeting Private Location (sign in to display)
Tuesday, February 14
10:00am 3:00pm Valentine's Day - Free STI Testing Private Location (sign in to display)
11:00am 10:00pm DU Model United Nations Fundraiser at Birdcall Use Code: mun0214
before finalizing order
1:00pm 2:00pm Valentine's Day Origami Workshop Private Location (sign in to display)
3:30pm 4:30pm C+V Community Leadership Conversation with Dean Gonzales and Dean Sabick Online Event
4:00pm 5:00pm First Step Session Community Commons 1600
6:30pm 9:00pm Valentine's Day Special: Bionicle Movie Private Location (sign in to display)
7:00pm 8:00pm Cru Women's Community Group Private Location (sign in to display)
8:00pm 11:00pm Swallow Hill presents Anna Mieke with Distance Walk and Nathaniel Rile Globe Hall
8:00pm 12:00am Jammin 101.5 Presents Rachel Winnick & SIRDEVON w/ Funkmont + Tony Exum jR Lost Lake Lounge
DU at home: home athletics events this week

Women's Basketball v. North Dakota | Thursday, 2/9 | 6PM
Men's Swimming & Diving First Chance Invitational | Friday, 2/10 & Saturday 2/11 | 3PM  & 10AM
Women's Swimming & Diving First Chance Invitational | Friday, 2/10 & Saturday, 2/11 | 3PM & 10AM
Men's Ice Hockey v. North Dakota | Friday, 2/10 & Saturday, 2/11 | 7:30PM & 6PM
Women's Tennis v. North Dakota State | Saturday, 2/11 | 1PM
Women's Gymnastics v. West Virginia | Sunday, 2/12 | 1:45PM

Engagement Opportunities Coming Up

Donuts with the Deans

Tuesday, February 14th | 3:30pm-4:30pm | The Bridge

Come By to Meet Your Dean ofStudents, Dr. Niki Latino, andAssociate Dean of Students,Dr. Tamara White!

The Clothing Swap

Secondhand Clothing Swap & Shop

Saturday, Feb. 18th |12:30pm-2:30pm | Craig Hall, Room 120 

The Clothing Cycle is a student run organization promoting circular fashion practices. Join us in a Secondhand Clothing Swap & Shop where you can bring clothing items you no longer want and/or pick up new items. We are excited to meet you and hear about your experiences with circular fashion!

Why are Clothing Swaps important?
Currently in our society, we do not have ecologically responsible clothing consumption and disposition habits. Overconsumption of textiles has led articles of clothing to have a shorter life, typically being disposed of after only being worn a handful of times. Most people give their unwanted clothing to thrift stores, but only 20% of clothing items that are donated to the thrift are sold in the thrift store. The rest of the items are sent to auctions, downcycled, or exported overseas resulting in monstrous amounts of textile waste in countries that are not creating the waste. It is time for consumptive countries (like U.S.) to take responsibility for their clothing waste and to engage in ecologically responsible consumption habits like shopping secondhand, participating in clothing swaps, mending clothing, and reducing their clothing consumption. By learning from each other about the harms of the fashion industry and finding solutions to engage with fashion in an ecologically responsible way, we can move away from financially supporting systems that cause harm. We collectively can create change to help eachother and Earth. 


Drop in Career Advising

Peer Career Advising Drop-ins at Beans Coffee

Wednesdays 10:00am - 1:45pm | Free Coffee & Career Advising at Beans Coffee!
Our Career Peer Advisors are fully equipped to serve you in person at the new Burwell center for Career Achievement, Beans Coffee Shop, and virtually! Peer Advisors can you help you Monday through Friday with: -Resume & Cover Letter Reviews -Quick Career Questions -Tips for Interviewing -Job & Internship Search Strategies -Upcoming Career & Professional Development events Stop by the Burwell Center from 8am-4pm Monday through Friday or at Beans Coffee on Wednesdays from 10am-1:45pm! Looking to meet virtually with a peer advisor or your assigned career advisor on campus, schedule a meeting on PCO with this link! 

Love Sex Health Week events calendar

Thrive's "Love + Sex + Health Week"
Community Commons
Come celebrate Love + Sex + Health Week! Thrive will be joined by some incredible DU-based and community-based partners for a week full of exciting events.

Check out our calendar of events, and register on CrimsonConnect today!

Destigmatizing STIs: A Sexual Health Workshop
Valentine's Day - Free STI Testing
Afternoon Delight: DIY Chocolate Fountain
Thrive's Spectrum: An Interactive Discussion
Sex Ed-Stravaganza!: A Sexual Health Resource Fair

Sticker Design Competition - International Women's Day - submissions due Feb 15

LAST WEEK!!! Sticker Competition

Due date: Feb 15 

The Sticker Competition will close next Wednesday the 15th! Make sure to send your designs for a chance to win $100, $75 or $50. The Dept of Languages, Literatures and Cultures is hosting a sticker competition and will declare a winner design to be turned into stickers which to be given away during the celebration of International Women's Day on March 8 by the green in front of Sturm Hall. You can send your questions to To submit a design, click on the link on the image attached.

Save the Date for HerDU!

March 7 and 8 | TBA
This year, the Women’s Coalition along with DEI will be hosting our 28th annual HerDU conference. The conference will be in-person with live stream and recording options available. In February we will publish our schedule of speakers, panelists, etc. Make sure to continue to check our website as we approach March. 


Save the Date: Internationalization Summit

Internationalization Summit: Save the Date and Call for Proposals

Friday, April 14, 2023 

We invite members of DU and the front range regional academic community (faculty, staff and students) to submit session proposals and attend this year’s Internationalization Summit. This event provides the university community, regional university colleagues and international partners with a forum to exchange ideas, experiences and strategies while considering the impact of internationalization of higher education in addressing or perpetuating global challenges. How do we move toward solving the challenges of poverty, hunger, clean energy, migrations, environmental sustainability and regeneration, economic prosperity, peace, and a host of inequalities? Sessions will highlight action on the local-global continuum as well as everyday work in the university – teaching, research, learning, and working with students and community – that contribute to the internationalization of higher education and intersect with global challenges. Proposals can come from diverse philosophies and perspectives including research-based, theoretical, dialogic, collaborative, practical/applied, experiential, and action-oriented.

The priority deadline to submit is Friday February 24, 2023, though we will accept later submissions on a rolling basis. Submit your proposal here.

Other News & Updates from Around Campus
Clarion logo

The Clarion is the official student newspaper of the University of Denver, serving as the community’s voice. Read some of the highlights from our publication this week: 

To read more of our articles, visit . To learn how you can get involved, email

Mortimer - Dog dressed in a fish costume

Phishing Breaking News!

Hello Wannabe Anglers! I’m Mortimer phish. You might have seen me and my phishy friends invading campus last week. Kudos to those who caught me! You might be familiar with the term phishing, the fraudulent practice of sending email messages pretending to be from reputable sources and often tricking individuals into revealing personal information, such as passwords or credit card numbers. Unfortunately, once scammers have your passwords or other personal information, these security breaches can cause significant financial costs to you and the entire organization. Really dangerous stuff! Over the next few weeks, we will be roaming around campus to teach you about how to identify dangerous phishing attempts and how to gain real-world cybersecurity protection skills. If you spot me or my other dangerous phish friends roaming around campus, come approach us, scan the QR code on the flyer we give you and take our cybersecurity quiz to have a chance to win prizes! For more information visit our main website here.

What is Closed Captioning, and How is it Different Than Other Captions or Subtitles?

Most of us have heard of closed captioning but might not understand what closed captioning entails. Closed captioning can be defined as a text representation of the meaningful audio content in a video, audio file or recording. One of the most important aspects of closed captioning is that it provides the ability to edit and correct errors in the text to improve accuracy and therefore, the usability of the captions. Closed captioning is denoted by the CC symbol, and the most common web captioning formats are .VTT and .SRT files. Open captions, by contrast, are burned permanently into the video, cannot be edited after creation, and cannot be turned off. Another major difference is that open captions often don’t include relevant content outside the spoken words. Not included are speaker identifications, indications of off-screen audio or information about music scores. Subtitles, on the other hand, can be in the same language as the speakers but are usually for internationally produced content for translation to different languages. Ultimately, DU’s goal is to create all public and academic videos with closed captions and be remediated by a real person to improve accuracy and readability. Auto-generated closed captions created by auto-speech recognition (ASR) technology are imperfect and need to be reviewed for readability and accuracy.

Click here to watch an informative video on video captioning
Visit the DU accessibility website here

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