Reccurring Events

Fall Quarter

DUPB All Nighter - Hockey Camp Out

Following long standing tradition, join DUPB and Athletics for over 12 hours of fun at the DUPB All Nighter - Hockey Camp Out!

Pitch your tent, claim your spot and pull an All Nighter in an effort to claim your Golden Ticket. A golden ticket gains you access to every hockey game for free.

DUPB offers programming activities and food all throughout the evening and early morning and Golden Tickets are distributed first few hundred students the following morning.

Fall Fest - DU Homecoming Week

A part of DU Homecoming, DUPB hosts a variety of activities and programming during our Fall Fest event. Make sure that you come hungry we will have lots of yummy food. We can't wait to see you there!

Munch Week

Running late to class and forgot to eat breakfast? We have you covered. It would not be mid quarter on campus if DUPB was not handing out free breakfast!

Find us around campus every morning of a select week mid quarter offering yummy breakfast options as we chug through midterms.

Look out for information on free t-shirt and sticker giveaways!

Cozy Cafe

When finals season is just around the corner, we've got just what you need to relax and make it through! Come enjoy a fun night with food, drinks and plenty to keep yourself busy.

Grab a coffee or tea on us made by our friendly baristas at Beans Coffee Shop and enjoy some deliciously crafted snacks.

Cozy Cafe occurs every quarter as we get close to finals to offer every student a chance to relax.

Winter Quarter

Winter Carnival

Starting in 1961, Winter Carnival is easily the most popular DU tradition well known by students and faculty alike.

Join DUPB for an entire week of on-campus winter events. From the annual Chili Cook Off to horse drawn carriages, we have every winter activity to bring you a smile during winter quarter. All on-campus events are free and Winter Carnival Registration is free and comes with a free t-shirt.

Once the weekend hits, DUPB takes over Warren Station at Keystone Mountain and Resort for a weekend of alpine activities. Register for Winter Carnival to receive discounted ski/snowboard tickets, lodging, rentals, lessons, tubing and ice skating.

Battle of the Bands

In preparation for MusicFest, DUPB host the annual Battle of the Bands to showcase student talent.

Join us for a night of great vibes, free food and awesome live performances by fellow students. The winner of Battle of the Bands gets the honor of headlining the professional performances at MusicFest.

Spring Quarter

May Days

Starting in 1913, May Days is easily the longest standing tradition on campus.

Join DUPB for an entire week of on-campus spring events. We have plenty of programming to help you enjoy the sun and get ready for summer. All on-campus events are free. Stop on by to get your free t-shirt!


Join us for a night of live music and great vibes!

The night is kicked off by our headliner, the winning student band from Battle of the Bands. Fit right in with your free t-shirt and swag for students who register for discounted tickets.

Previous professional performances at MusicFest include Electric Guest, Cherub, Dram and Chali 2na.