Our Mission & Values

Your Student Activity Fee hard at work.


We are founded on the principle of creating the space for friendship and community to form through engaging events and activities


We want to keep planning awesome programs and to do that we want to get to know the students and program something that has them coming back


Our events will always create a fun memory that'll have more and more students looking forward to joining us at our next one


We are aimed at catering to all students on our campus and listening to feedback

DUPB's Mission

To provide quality, campus-wide programs and events to positively enhance each DU student's college experience beyond the classroom which foster campus spirit and community through intentional and inclusive engagement.


Your student activity fee is at work with us! We focus on engaging and cost effective programs for our campus which enhance every students college experience.


"The virtual spirit week and other instagram giveaways were so much fun."

Anonymous DU Student

2019-2020 DUPB Engagement Survey

"Thanks for bringing spirit to campus!"

Anonymous DU Student

2019-2020 DUPB Engagement Survey

"Always love the food trucks that DUPB brings to campus."

Anonymous DU Student

2019-2020 DUPB Engagement Survey

"Keep up the good work, especially during the fall next year. The freshman will need ways to organize as a community safely."

Anonymous DU Student

2019-2020 DUPB Engagement Survey


Our Team

Blake Horwitch Profile

Blake Horwitch

Grace Hudson Profile

Grace Hudson

Traditions Co-Chair
Aimee Harling Profile

Aimee Harling

Ynosh Ilagan Profile

Ynosh Ilagan

Wilson Murphy Profile

Wilson Murphy

Maddi Montoya Profile

Maddi Montoya

Jessica Grossi Profile

Jessica Grossi

Ellie Nakahara Profile

Ellie Nakahara

Elby Kropp Profile

Elby Kropp

Traditions Committee Member
Dickson Kambuku Profile

Dickson Kambuku

Mallory Rogers Profile

Mallory Rogers

Explorations Co-Chair
Naomi Nassy Profile

Naomi Nassy

Classics Co-Chair
Beau Anderson Profile

Beau Anderson

Explorations Co-Chair
Eric Alfaro Profile

Eric Alfaro

MainStage Co-Chair
Carmen Custodio Profile

Carmen Custodio

Marketing Coordinator
Madie Main Profile

Madie Main

Giuliana Ziliotto Profile

Giuliana Ziliotto

Explorations Co-Chair
Berkeley Rebman Profile

Berkeley Rebman

Chair of Operations and Campus Outreach (COCO)
Adri Turcinovic Profile

Adri Turcinovic

MainStage Co-Chair
Sydney Gutierrez Profile

Sydney Gutierrez

Classics Co-Chair
Noah Lederer Profile

Noah Lederer

Mae Barr Profile

Mae Barr

Traditions Co-Chair
Tanner Anderson Profile

Tanner Anderson











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