Fall Quarter

Quarter at a Glance

Create Action Plans & Goals

Each Chapter will submit 3 goals complete with detailed action plans, each pertaining to a different FORGE Point of Emphasis.

Creating SMARTIE Goals

SMARTIE stands for Strategic, Measurable, Ambitious, Realistic, Time-bound, Inclusive, and Equitable.

By incorporating an equity and inclusion component to your SMART goals, you can make sure your organization's commitment to racial equity and inclusion is anchored by tangible and actionable steps

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  • Goal/Action Plan Submission
  • Note: all 3 Goals/Action Plans will be submitted to the same form and you will indicate which goal you are submitting for.

All Goals/Action Plans should be submitted by 11:59pm November 18th.

Checklist Links

Quarterly Expectations

  • Notice of Intake/Recruitment
  • Community Service and Philanthropy Report
  • Advisor 1:1s
  • FORGE 1:1s for Chapter on Notice
  • Meeting or exceeding university term all women's/men's average GPA
  • Attendance of all President Council
  • Council Compliance Notice

MGC Additional Requirement

MGC is also required to have at least one member of their chapter achieve the Org 10 badge.