FSL Optimizing, Realizing, & Guiding Excellence

The purpose of FORGE is to ensure that recognized chapters at the University of Denver are meeting the expectations of what it means to be a part of this community.


Chapters create goals, action plans, and reflections focused on their contribution to the FSL and greater Denver communities through this structured year-long program. To track their progress, chapters earn points for required document submissions and basic FSL Office Expectations which determine their recognition level at the end of the year.

The level a chapter falls into is published and it should be noted that some levels have additional requirements asked of chapters.


Using the 4D Student Experience as a framework, we've created 7 Points of Emphasis for the program which are focused on specific aspects of the fraternity and sorority membership experience and shared values held by the community. Chapters will relate their goals, action plans, and reflections to these 7 Points of Emphasis.

A Program Designed to Support Chapters

The Office of Student Engagement (OSE) believes in unleashing students' potential to lead and impact the world. Our mission is to provide all University of Denver students a co-curricular experience which empowers them to explore, connect, and grow.

Within OSE, the Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL) staff work closely with the chapters and their members to ensure that this mission is fulfilled. Based on a model utilized at Colorado State University, FORGE exists as a requirement to be a recognized chapter at the University of Denver and provides structure to help chapters reflect and grow as members of our community.

We believe that as one chapter excels it also helps to elevate the rest of the community.

7 Points of Emphasis across 4D Experience

Achieving personal chapter growth begins through the Office of Student Engagement and the 4D Student Experience.

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Contact Information

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Academic Achievement

Chapter Management

Harm Reduction

Intake/ Recruitment & Retention

Inclusive Excellence

Member Development

Community Service & Philanthropy

Point System

While the purpose of this process is to help chapters create a vision of growth to ensure their organization's success and positive impact on our communities, we recognize that we need to provide feedback on the Action Plans and Reflections you are providing us and have created this point system to simplify this feedback.


Completing the required Re-Registration for FSL Organizations will earn a chapter 5 points. The re-registration period takes place in Winter Quarter.


1 Point for each expectation. Quarterly Expectations have 1 point for each quarter the expectation is met.

Goals/Action Plans & Reflections

1 Point for each goal/action plan & reflection submitted that meet the requirements.

Recognition Levels

The number of points a chapter accrues is directly related to its Forge Recognition Level. A chapter's recognition level is mostly for the chapter's knowledge and understanding, and our goal as FSL is to boost and challenge all our chapters to better our community.

Chapter of Excellence

Earned 90% or more of available points

Chapter of Promise

Earned 50-75% of available points

Chapter of Achievement

Earned 75-90% of available points

Chapter on Notice

Earned less than 50% of available points

Required to meet with an office appointed FORGE Liaison two times per quarter the following academic year.

It is expected that chapters at this recognition level become, at a minimum, a Chapter of Promise by the conclusion of the FORGE program the next academic year.

Failure to fulfill these expectations will result in loss of certain campus privileges.