Event Planning Tools

How Far In Advance to Register Events:

A guide for RSO event planning

Registered in CrimsonConnect 4-6 Weeks Ahead of In-Person Events that meet any of the following criteria...

  • Attendance of 100+
  • Outdoor event requiring conversions set up of tables/chairs/stages, etc.
  • non-DU Guest Speaker or Performer(s)
  • Off-Campus Event
  • Charging for Admission
  • Any event requiring Contracts for things like paid performers, caterers, etc (REMINDER: Contracts must be submitted to the Comptroller 6-8 weeks prior to the event)
  • Public Film Screening, requiring special licensing to screen
  • Recreational Activities, such as 5K races, contact sports, etc.

Registered in CrimsonConnect 2-4 Weeks Ahead of In-Person Events that meet any of the following criteria...

  • Estimated Attendance of 50-100
  • Indoor events requiring additional facilities or A/V requests to be brought to the space (tables, chairs, trash/recycling, microphones, speakers etc).

Registered at least 5 Business Days Ahead of...

  • Virtual events
  • Recurring RSO meetings
  • Tabling Requests (Tables must be requested through 25-Live)

Event Registration Steps:

  1. 1

    Start with Your Space

    Most on-campus spaces can be reserved through the 25-Live system. Please make note of your auto-generated reference number when you make your request (see image to the left).

    A screen-shot of your space reservation number from 25-Live or a full confirmation of a booked space for other spaces/off-campus locations will be required as part of event registration.

    For events at a non-25-Live reservable space, please upload an event agreement for the venue you're working with (or if this is not applicable either, please select "Off-Campus" as the location in 25-Live)

  2. 2

    Register Your Event on CrimsonConnect

    Use the "CREATE EVENT" button to register your event in CrimsonConnect.

    ONLY those listed as an OFFICER on your CrimsonConnect Group Page will have the option to create an event.

    If your RSO has requested USG Funds for an event, those funds will not be released to your RSO until an event registration has been submitted for the event.

  3. 3

    Final Approval/Denial

    The Office of Student Engagement will either give final approval or request modifications to your event registration via the CrimsonConnect CHAT feature. Some events may require additional review by the DU Event Advisory Group, who may request that your RSO prepare a short presentation. Once approved, your event will be updated and posted to the CrimsonConnect Event Slider (and if requested in the Pulse newsletter).

Additional Event Planning Resources:

Auxillary Services Requests:

To request tables, chairs, electrical, recycling bins, trash bins, and cleaning, fill out the Event Request Form

Request A/V services for an event by completing the Event Media Request Form.

For A/V Requests that are off campus, please fill out the Off Campus Event Media Request Form.

All guest and event parking must be requested through the online booking reservation system.

To order catering from Sodexo, call 303-871-7737 or visit Sodexo’s website at least two weeks before the event.

Event Planning Worksheets

Fill in this worksheet to think through your event logistics.

Download the Planning Worksheet

Refer to this Inclusive Programming Guide from the National Association for Campus Activities:

NACA: Inclusive Programming Guide

Guidelines for Demonstrations, Rallies, & Protests

Review these guidelines for planning a demonstration, rally, or protest (DRP).

Download the Guidelines for DRP Events

Event Risk Matrix

Riskier events require more detailed planning, greater expense, broader engagement of key offices along with closer supervision.

Use this Matrix to Consider Event Risk Factors

COVID Considerations

It's important to be ready for changes in health concerns. these resources may come in handy:

DU University-Wide COVID Protocols

COVID Considerations in Event Planning

Contactless Check-In & Attendance Tracking:

Using CrimsonConnect to Create Events & Track Attendance - Video Webinar (right-click to open link in new tab/window)

Use the QR-Code Check-in slide linked here to easily track attendance at your events. You will fill in the parts highlighted in yellow before the event and then either print or display the instructions at the start of your event.
For in-person events print out for the check in-table or display on a screen at the front of the room. For virtual events, use the "share screen" feature as attendees join the call.