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CrimsonConnect Video Tutorials

Video walkthroughs of the tools you'll use the most often in CrimsonConnect
as an individual user and as a group officer

Registered Student Org (RSO) Resources & Documents

Important resources for all Registered Student Organizations

Sample Student Organization Constitution

Sample Constitution

Every Student Organization is required to maintain an up-to-date organization constitution.

Here you'll find a Sample Constitution with required articles and information that USG will be looking for when reviewing student org registrations and annual re-registration.

RSO-Advisor Agreement Form

RSO-Advisor Agreement Form

Every Student Organization is required to have a faculty or staff advisor.

Here you'll find a blank copy of the 2020-2021 RSO-Advisor Agreement Form which will be requested as part of your RSO Re-Registration or New RSO Registration process.

RSO Roster Upload Template

RSO Roster Upload Template

Every Student Organization is required to have at minimum a President, Vice President, Treasurer and 7 additional members.

This template can be used to upload large rosters into CrimsonConnect for your RSO. You will be asked to provide a Roster in this format as part of RSO Registration or Re-Registration.